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  • Youtube Ad Auto-skipper

    Like many people, YouTube has become my primary source of music. I listen to its automatic playlists all the time, and the fact that it seems to learn my preferences and introduces me to new music is just awesome. There is just one annoyance: YouTube ads Now, I don’t hate ads. I actually find them […]

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  • Caching Server

    Squid: Saving your internet bandwidth

    With the increase in a number of digital devices, organizations are facing bandwidth issues. Users within the organization are downloading same content multiple times resulting in the consumption of international bandwidth. A simple solution might be to increase the bandwidth. But, can there be ways to solve this problem? The answer is “YES”. Caching servers […]

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  • Coding

    Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Coding

    “The expert at anything was once a beginner.”- Helen Hayes For beginners, learning to program can be really petrifying. Some of my doubts when I first started out to learn programming were: Can anybody learn to program? What are the basic requirements to learn to program? How do I start programming? How can I become […]

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  • How to Create Dynamic TableView in Swift

    TableView is a common component of a user interface. It is essentially an easy way to display a list of items. We can list both images and /or text using TableView. Along with it, we can use TableView for developing screens of registration page and dashboard. What are Rows and Sections A TableView consists of rows and […]

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  • Xcode

    Multiple targets in Xcode

    What is the proper set of environment for a better software development workflow? We recommend using development, testing, staging and production. This is great, but how should you organize different environments in your development workflow? Each might have its own base URL, database, log level, and so on. Changing the codes in a particular target […]

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  • UIView

    UIScrollView with AutoLayout

    Many iOS Developers have one common problem of using AutoLayout with UIScrollView. It is not that difficult, you just need to take fews things in mind. Step 1 Add Scroll View to the main UIView and give constraints with respect to UIView.   Step 2 Add a content view (UIView) inside the ScrollView and give […]

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  • Print Portal

    Print Portal: No Hassle Just Print

    In one of the most eventful weekends in July 2016, we participated in a internal Hackathon organized by Leapfrog Technology Inc. The hackathon had an open theme, making it all that hard to settle on an idea. I remember the hackathon last year where the theme was to develop a developer tool. It was relatively […]

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  • Android

    Understanding the Building Blocks of Android

    In this post, we are discussing about the four fundamental building blocks from which all the android applications builds. These building blocks are implemented as Java classes. Android Component Pictured above is a diagrammatic representation of android application fundamental which explores android components and other fundamentals by Romain Chiappinelli. There are four major building blocks of […]

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  • UI Design

    Designing an app using UI design principle

    Millions of new mobile apps develop and launch every year. Great UI design attracts users towards the app. If you do not design an eye-catchy user interface, your mobile app will be lost in the crowd of millions of apps. As Paul Rand said, “Design is the silent Ambassador of your Brand”. Keeping this in mind, you should design […]

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