5 Steps to Mobile App Development

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Mobile app have become a means for businesses to offer exciting products and services along with delivering unique value proposition. Apps help businesses to succeed and standout in the crowd.

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Build a minimum viable product rather than a fully formed, robust product. As what features of the app would work and what would not, is still a hypothesis. You’ll needs to validate your ideas before building a full-fledged mobile app.

A MVP is a product that has enough set of features to prove the most essential hypothesis. It allows businesses with the opportunity to address their key needs and provide feedback for future development process.



Here are few steps that businesses can take to speed up the app development process:

Decide on Targeted Mobile Platform

A native app is designed to operate on a certain mobile platform. If you want to develop an app for iOS, Android or Windows, you need to develop apps for each platform separately.

Although, the native experience is superior, hybrid app can also be an option to build simple apps using React Native. With React Native, you can build near native experience for both Android and iOS.

So, based on what your customers are using, choose between iOS, Android and Windows app for your first release.

Use Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Wireframe are a guiding blueprint that provide you an idea of what you need to achieve. It helps you to identify the information architecture of the product you are about to build. Before starting the app development process, you should focus on using low-fidelity wireframes to map out and plan the layout of your app from a design and architectural view. Make sure you follow proper human interaction guidelines for each mobile platform.

You can use UI Stencils or balsamiq available for different mobile platforms for designing low-fidelity web and mobile wireframes.

Build your own team or outsource other software companies

Either you can create your own in-house team for the app development or outsource. If your mobile app require some level of coding, consider outsourcing.

Outsourcing saves time and money in comparison to creating an in-house team. It allows your business development team to concentrate on main business operations. While, outsourcing the app development team either you can search for freelancers or seek services from software company like us.

Try to follow agile process during  mobile app development

Plan to adapt agile development process. It helps you to release new feature updates on short iterative cycles or “sprints”. Also, it allows quick identification of errors and areas of improvement. Try to ensure that the sprint time is 2–4 weeks to make sure there is no burden to the team.

You can use project management tools such as JIRA, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc. to manage the development process.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

Test MVP with limited customers and keep on iteration

To enter the market fast, it is good to launch your MVP. But, test your MVP within a certain group of people to figure out what improvements are required. Testing your MVP allows you to address the key needs quickly and work on feedback provided by the users for the next iteration.

For further information about the mobile app development you can contact us at hello@lftechnology.com

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