• Auto lending process made simple.

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    Treacy & Co. Ventures engaged Leapfrog to build an enterprise software platform. Leapfrog continues to deliver all of the parts that make for a superior software platform and client-vendor relationship. Himal and his team are hard-working, well-organized, and passionate about delivering impactful solutions to their clients.
    goodrich Chris Goodrich
    Chief Technical Officer, Treacy & Co. Ventures/First Help Financial
  • Financial inclusion to the unbanked population.

    This was one of most far reaching initiative started by the bank when I headed Kumari Bank. The mobile wallet feature spearheaded our campaign to target the unbanked population and it helped that the product works with any phone and any carrier. The product received the mBillionth award and Manthan award in 2011, given to the most innovative mobile application in Asia.
    radhesh Radhesh Pant
    CEO, Investment Board
  • Empowering data-driven healthcare.

    As a startup, it is a big risk in both growing the team too fast and too slow. Leapfrog provides us the flexibility to rapidly scale our team up, and sometimes down.They have a wide range of technical talents to support us on different projects. They understand the changing technical needs of a startup and the experimentation that go with it.
    krates Krates Ng
    CTO and CoFounder, CliniCast
  • Building better applications for safety.

    Our Leapfrog team is a key partner in NFPA's new product development initiative. Together, we keep our product pipeline full and flowing by plugging into Leapfrog's agile development process and tool set to launch several new products a year.
    samuel Samuel Driver
    Senior Product Manager,
    Strategy and Innovation
    National Fire Protection Association

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    We build robust and awesome deliverables that will help bring a smile on your face.
  • Launch

    We understand your market and know how you can get the most out of your product.
  • Support

    We help you evolve, address and incorporate market feedback throughout the product lifecycle.

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